Presenting myself to RB community + some help

Hello RBetters!

I’m glad to be here! After some years literally gambling with sports (nothing relevant, just some few € for fun), I’m planning to take it seriously and going to the next level with Value Bets.

I plan to start with the Starter Pack to see how it works, and then extend to Pro pack.
I’m Spanish, currently living in Spain, planning to start with Bet365, Williams Hill and 888 (the most common ones here).

I’ve read all the ‘beginner posts’ and understood the basics to start. Do you have any other recommendations I’d like to know before Starting?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @davpokdai welcome to our community.

The bookmakers you plan on starting out with are ok in terms of volume, payout, limits etc. You can make a decent chunk off them before you’re gubbed.

Thanks @Lm10 .
Just to confirm, the recommended Stake is the max stake (in my case would be 1.5%) or the Software recommends you the stake based on the %?


Yes, staking is calculated and recommended using kelly criterion. I use flat staking though.

Hello All,

After my first day of betting (trial period), these are the results I got.
I have some questions.

First of all, I’m 100% aware of variance and long term mindset (I come from Poker), so I’m not arguing here, just want to make sure I understood all the terms (after reading the help articles in web).

if my CLV is 0.09%, it means that the value I bet in RB (5.61% in avg) was not as high as expected, since CLV is only 0.09%. Is there anything I can do to increase CLV? I assume with standard (paid) subscription, I’ll be able to bet on higher %Values, so diff between %Value in avg vs CLV will be different even though, but %CLV will be greater than 0% by some basis points.

After that, I assume -38.40% yield vs 0.09% CLV is 100% due to variance, and it will reduce the gap as soon as I increase my volume (up to 2000 bets aproximately).

Just want to confirm my assumptions are ok.

Thanks all.

I’d have to assume that most of your bets are being placed more than 48 hours before the event in question. For 5.61 to reduce to 0.09 on average, even over 39 bets, you must be taking volatile odds. CLV volatility is can essentially be measured in time between now and the event, with many advising a sweet spot of 48 hours before.

Reduce your time to start to something like 36 hours, and just keep betting!

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