Pro poker player questions about sportsbetting


I play online poker for a living and came accross sportsbetting on Youtube. I did some research and ended up here. Looking to add some value to the hours of the day where I’m not playing poker, or when action in my poker games is low. I hope you guys can answer some questions.

  1. How do sportbook limitations/bans affect the other products they provide? I play in several poker rooms that have sportsbooks, like Betfair, Titanbet, Netbet, Everygame and several others. I wouldn’t want my pokerroom access being restricted because of my sportsbook activities, because poker is my main source of income.

  2. Will I get limited/banned faster because these companies know I’m a professional gambler? These rooms must have me tagged as a professional poker player, because I haven’t deposited with most of them for years, only withdrawn. Since in poker I’m not playing against the house, these sites usually don’t care, they need to have players at the tables for the recreationals to play with and lose their deposits, while also raking me and the other pros. Could it actually be a plus for me having played on their sites for years, using their other products, and not just sharp valuebetting in the sportsbook, or is that naively optimistic?

Looking forward to diving into this world, but I want to be prepared and make as few rookie mistakes as possible.

A lot of poker pros are bad sports bettors I dont think it will make you limited faster.

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But if/when I do get limited, are there any consequences for the other products these sites offer, specifically the poker room?

Coming back to this topic to see if anyone can tell me what happens to the other products of betting sites after the sportsbook gets limited or closed. There are many people on here with limited or closed sportsbooks, and probably a few poker players too. Just wanted to confirm whether or not you lose access to the poker room after the sportsbook gets limited or banned, because poker is my main source of income. If so, I will avoid valuebetting on sports there.

Poker sites make profit with rake, they wont ban u at poker because they are making money when u play.

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