PROBLEM: duplicate bets

I’ve got a huge problem that needs fixing asap, i’m losing money. I just noticed that some bet i placed after a while popped up again in the current bets available and without saying they were already in the tracker. If I forget my placed bets I risk placing the same bet multiple time and possibly lose way more money. Can you fix it? @Simon

i already make a post 2 times man.

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Thanks for the reports. Have you experienced this a lot lately? How often does this happen?

This is a known issue, and our dev team is trying to figure out a way to improve this, but it is not as easy as it may seem. Some bets get different “Bet IDs” so our system sees them as different bets, and cannot flag them.

Please note that if you sometimes bet on the same match several times, it won’t affect the overall result too much. Try to see the bigger picture, and the variance will be a little higher because of this, but it won’t make a big difference long term. Remember that it also goes both ways - if you have placed the same bets twice then you would have twice the profit if the bets won.