Problem with Australian basket (men-women)

Good morning,
I identified a recurring error on rebel.
It sometimes happens that the list of bets, the noted match does not correspond to the match that appears when you click on the value. The latter is indeed the bet that is on the bookmaker.
For example, in Australian basketball, in the list of bets it is the women’s match which is noted, and when you click on it, it is the men’s match, with the same teams (and on the bookmaker too).
The problem is that when the bet is settled, rebel takes the result of the women’s match, not the men’s match (the 2 take place almost at the same time).
In summary, the real value is on the men’s game, but the result that Rebel takes is the women’s game.
Happened to me several times, 3 times today.
Ok we can manually change the result, but the goal is not to check every time, it’s painful.

One exemple :
Men match, it’s a loose for Rebel
But :
And women match the same day :

On the book, it was the men match, as noticed on Rebel.


Be grateful that you at least didnt lose any money to the mixup as I did. I have also posted about this problem as it will lead other arbers to lose their hard earn money :slight_smile:


We will flag these teams in our server, so they won’t get mixed up again. Please read more here about why this happened: Why do different matches show up in the same sure bet?

As you see, this error can happen sometimes, so it is important to double-check the teams before placing money on them. However, this should not happen very often. We are doing our best to improve and fix errors as they show up.

But as we handle millions of odds every single day, then some errors are inevitable. That’s why it is important for the end-user to double-check that the teams are okay before confirming the bet.

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I was aware of the men’s games showing as women’s games when they show up on the feed, but I actually didn’t know that Rebel settles these based on the women’s results. That’s a pain in the ass. I must have a pretty sizeable chunk of faulty results in my bet tracker then that will be very tough to locate now :smiley:

I confirm it to you, it happened to me several times in 2 weeks… At least 5-6 times.
Always the same Australian basketball games, with men and women playing almost at the same time.

One very easy quality assurance for your team to implement is to check the starting time of each event. Then these types of errors will be minized if not elminiated totally… :slight_smile:

All the best!

Are you guys really checking that the starting times of both matches are the same?

Yes, but we in some cases allow for a slight difference due to several factors. Such as bookmaker time zones etc. We’ve made some changes already and we’re looking on how to improve this further.

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Tack Lars!

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