Problems with Kambi

Is there any problems with Kambi sites (unibet, 888)? Doesn´t show up any odds for couple of days now. It´s my primary betting site where I´m still not limited.

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BetCris/Bookmaker/Diamond went away, too.
Guys have been too busy with web version lately.

Does not see any odds from them too

I must agree. It is now almost 2 weeks that odds from unibet/napoleon games dont come through. To me this is more important than the web client. Please fix this soon

Any news about Unibet?
Now it’s frozen money for me.

No new news about Kambi?

Hi! Sorry, no more news about this at the moment. I’ll make sure to notify you when we get their odds back. Thank you for having patience.

Over 2 months now…

when will they be back?

I’m very sorry about this. I cannot yet estimate a date when they will be back. I know they are very important, so we strive to have them back as soon as possible.

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Great to hear!! Start betting :slight_smile:

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