Profit: SEK459,144 (around €40 000). Still going. Confident of hitting €50,000 at some point.

I only post occasionally on this communtiy but I do check it regularly. It’s great that it’s open to the pubic but I’ve noticed that seeing as most people who make money tend to keep quiet about it, there’s a surplus of negativity, generally from those who have never fully invested in the system. I know for sure there’s people out there who have made way more money than me.

I can only tell you my story, which conveniently I have done in my latest blog post:

Full disclosure (before I get push-back from the mods again)…these days I have affiliate links, sub-affiliates links, way too much unnecessary text, dead-links, and all sorts of other SEO-killing content (but also a free oddsmatcher if you’re into that kind of thing).

If you have any questions, then I’m happy to answer. I can share my settings if you want, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. If it’s got value, place the bet.


How are you avoiding restrictions? If multi accounting, how are you doing it?
Pd, amazing results!

Hi Alecia,

if you would have the chance to start over with the knowledge you have today, what would you do different? Would you still bet on one sport only, would you use other settings in order to maximise profit especially in your B365 accounts and so on? Much thanks in advance!

No multi-accounting although my husband does chip in a fair amout with his accounts (he was big into Matched Betting but this got pretty much shut down in Sweden when the market got regulated). You can get some bets through with the SB Tech platorm bookes if you hide the lower tier bets but it does become a bit more frustrating.

We had an incredible run with Bet365 at the start and it does seem like they’re closing accounts down earlier these days. Having said that, it seems like a lot of people give up before they’ve maximised the profits from every bookmaker and I’m still just finding my feet with Smarkets so I still think there is some profit to be made there.

I do use other systems alongside Value Betting which probably help to keep my accounts open for longer but it wouldn’t be fair to mention them here as it involves subscriptions to other companies. I’d never placed a bet before I started with Rebelbetting and I’m no statistician but a little research can go a long way.


When I started out, I absolutely stuck to just tennis with Bet365 but I have had other friends who have tried this and not had the same results.

My only regret really is that I didn’t spend a bit more time placing bets (despite the money I’ve made a €2000 drop in profits still puts me off for a while). I’m fairly convinced that I’ll end up with €60000 ot €70000 before I call it a day but it would be nice to have that now!

It’s hard to say what I would have done differently as my initial target was to make €2000. I had such a crazy run for so long and it’s always been a bonus. My aim now is to continue investing the money I’ve earnt even if bookmakers do shut me down forever.


Thanks for posting, Alecia! Your great numbers were a great motivation for me.
Keep the good trend