Profitable bookmakers from germany

Dear Community,

i would like to get around 50 bets a day in and would like to spread it across multiple bookmakers, but somehow its 99% Bet365, which will become very supicious sooner or later. Did i miss any important bookmaker that are legal in germany or is germany just short of profitable bookies?

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Hey, it’s the same in Sweden. Almost all my bets are through Bet365. Perhaps around 85%. I get some on Leovegas. How’s your results so far?

Not so great, currently even negative. LeoVegas often shows wrong odds and most of the time games i have no access to, same with Betano. I don’t think it is lucrative from a country where the offers consist of 99% bet365. Until now, I wasn’t able to place more than 4 bets today, pretty bad.

It’s more and more negativ. Not so great when bet365 is your worst and yet your only booker.

i am using BET365, interwetten, suprebets right now,but of course 90% bets are from bet365

that was a good hint, thank you!

You can also use 1xbit1 dot com it’s a clone from 1xbet.
Its working in Germany.

i will try it, thanks.