Promotion about to expire


  • On sale! Save €1,900

  • RebelBetting Pro

  • 4 extra months

  • 55% off

I am awaiting replies from Support , but by the time they answer the promo might have ended…so Ill ask members who may have taken it up.

  1. Does it mean you get 12 months + 4 months ie 16 months for £1399?
  2. Im subscribed up to August on VAlue…does this mean the interim period will be upgraded too, or does the pro only kick in AFTER my current subscription ends?


  1. Yes you get 4 extra months.
  2. 16 months will be added to your subscription of course

thanx Simon…just in case you missed my email reply…can u confirm when I will be upgraded after I pay…is it straight away or do I have to wait until my current subscription ends in August?


just tried upgrading- keep getting this message:-

Failed to get upgrade information. Please contact support


I have updated my credit card details, before you ask :slight_smile:

I’m looking at it now!

You will be upgraded now. Your remaining Starter days will be converted to Pro days accordingly (about 1 Pro day per Starter day as per price difference)

I’ll reply to your case in our support system!

I guess you are sorting it tomorrow as my act is still the same , ie Value, and I cannot upgrade because the error message still there…but thats OK I can wait…I m in for the long haul, not just a few days :slight_smile:

I replied to your email in support. Please check your inbox for status. :+1: