Question about Restricted Accounts

Hi guys!

Pretty new to value betting but so far after 700 bets with good results! I had a question about restricted accounts. Some of my accounts on certain bookmakers (32Red, Unibet, Betfair) were restricted literally on the same day I started value betting with them after around 20 bets on each. I read what other people said and maybe the reason I got restricted so quickly is because I didn’t “warm up” those accounts.

  1. I have a rough idea of what warming up means but I’d appreciate it if some of you more experienced bettors could explain it to me. Is it just placing random bets beforehand to seem like a recreational bettor and throwing in some accas once in a while?

  2. Also, on bookies such as bet365, once I get the inevitable restriction/ban, would I still be able to use their other services such as bet365 poker?

Thanks for the help!

Welcome to the community and may the variance always be in your favor.

  1. Yes, you have the right idea.
  2. I have not tested it so I can not say for sure. Maybe some fellow bettors can share their insight?
  1. I’d be very surprised if the sportsbook impacted the poker. Unless you get banned (usually you’re restricted), I can’t see them interacting (I’m gubbed to under a £1 in Unibet, no problem with Unibet poker).
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