Question for high bankroll members regarding “adjust for open bets” tick


How many of you have this ticked vs not ticked? I have read up and understand how this works

For the high bankroll users, do you often adjust your bankroll when it’s up? Or would you consider “banking your profits” and keeping your bankroll the same (as you already have a very high bankroll

I have a unibet account that can not ever be limited and looking to exploit this opportunity… happy to start with 50-70k bank roll but because it’s already so high I don’t feel like I need to continuously adjust bank roll especially if I’m up

Most people have turned this feature off, in the past few days you have made many post talking about that Unibet account that can’t be limited.

Could you please explain us how you do it ?

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Even when the account is not limited, Unibet does not allow very high stakes. Usually way below 100€ so there would not be much of a point to deposit too much since you would not be able to put the bankroll into play.