Questions about betting abroad

Hi, I’ve got some questions. I’m from Italy I live here and soon I will move to Bulgaria just for 2 months (It’s like an holiday, where I’ll rent a flat). While I’m away, can I use VPN to bet on my italian bookmakers account or is it illegal? Can I bet on bulgarian bookmakers while I’m there even if I have no residence in Bulgaria? Do you have any tips on how to keep betting while I’m not in my country?

Yes. This is not illegal.

You can also use remote desktop software like AnyDesk to connect to your computer at home.

@Malanno0 There is not so much bookies, which are available in Bulgaria. As far as I know you can’t use VPN or something like that. The suggestion from Simon is very good and maybe the only one, if it’s possible.
Which bookies do you use?

PS I’m sorry to replay so late (1 month), but hoping that i can be helpful.