Questions and reflections from a new member

Hi everyone, just joined RB and am excited to start my value betting experiment this weekend! I’ve had a good read of the guides and through a lot of the topics, so I don’t think these questions have been answered, but apologies if they have, and hopefully they are of some interest to the community…

  1. Duplicate bets in your list If the same bet is available with two of your bookmakers - both value bets, but maybe slightly different odds, would both show up in your bets list? Is it up to the user to identify that they are duplicates? [update - just looked at my Bets screen, and it looks like it does show the same bet multiple times…so it looks like it is up to the user to be careful - but I’m not sure if they would all disappear from my list if I placed a bet on one of them…

  2. Overlapping markets strategies? is there a general recommendation when multiple bets are available on the same match, within related markets. My example would be in the O/U markets, as I haven’t quite got my head round the AH markets yet: So e.g: if there are value bets available on U1.5, U2.5 and U3.5 on the same match should you avoid betting on all 3, since the bets are somewhat dependent on each other. My sense is you are increasing your risk if you bet on overlapping markets and it’s maybe not a good idea… but maybe in the long run it all evens out?

  3. getting started with soft bookmakers I’m in the UK and could do with a pointer for how to get started with some of the soft bookmakers. I totally get the principle that value betting works on volume of bets placed, but if I just open an account with one of the soft bookmakers and immediately start placing bets on somewhat obscure matches (whether football or other sports) - are they not going to pick this up really quickly? I tried opening an account with B365 a few weeks ago and they closed my account before I had even placed a single bet! I tried to put £5 on a non-league English football match (was that naive of me?) and they immediately blocked me and refunded my deposit. How do you find a balance between actually placing high volumes of bets when most of them are not exactly on high-profile matches, and being able to use the soft bookmakers?

I’m sure I’ll come up with some more questions soon, but that’s good for a start…


so, you opened B365 account, deposit money here (how much ?) and after few days they close your account ? or they reviewed your account and limited you ?

I opened an account with £100 deposit as they had a matched deal on with up to £100 free bet.

I tried to place a bet the same day and when I went to place the bet I was already blocked. All I had done up until that point was have a look at a couple of prices on some obscure football matches, to see how different they were to Betfair Exchange. I got a strange message when I tried to place the bet so got in touch with Cust Services and they said they had to inform me that they would not accept any bets from me and so returned my money and closed the account the same day.

Probably they recognise your IP-adress. It´s only allowed with one account per household and if someone else (like a friend on visit) has used your wifi to place a bet there, then that could be enough to get limited.

pretty sure that’s not the case, and definitely haven’t had any other accounts in our household. anyway, I’ll see what happens when I open some more accounts in the next couple of days. interested to hear other experiences from people who have recently started using RB and how you balance placing high volumes of bets on pretty obscure matches, while avoiding raising too many red flags with the bookies.

I’ve just come over from Trademate (software not as good as here) but their blog posts and YouTube channel are well worth checking out for keeping bookie accounts healthy. I think your Bet365 experience was just sheer bad luck, sometimes they just don’t like the look of you…

I’ve just started here too, though have been value betting for a few months. In answer to your questions, as far as I know:

  1. You do get multiple bets but once you’ve logged a bet, the rest should disappear.
  2. This is up to you as to how much you want to risk on one match. I suspect that if you have multiple bets contradicting each other on one bookie it wouldn’t do your account health much good.
  3. It’s advised to ‘warm up’ accounts before hitting them with obscure bets. Pick a favourite team and bet on them (you can always lay the bet on an exchange to limit your risk), do some in play bets and some accumulators, and gradually build in other markets. I think your Bet365 is just bad luck unfortunately, it happens…

thanks for the replies and tips, really useful! I would definitely be laying on my favourite team, as otherwise I’d lose a fortune…

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If you have multiple bets for the same outcome,place the best one in this case U3.5.
Only one.
Bet365 is not what it was before,i was banned to,2 years ago,i made some profit with valu betting and sure betting with them and they banned me…
I made 11k on bet 365 and after that i created new account with other ID,IP adres,but they chabged something and after 10 bets they banned that accoun to,so i think they know what i was doing.

Bet365 have industry-best “fingerprinting” methods. They can easily detect if you’re using the same web browser on the same computer for example. They can even detect the fonts you have installed in your OS.

So you might want to run a virtual PC with another web browser.

Use this fingerprint checker.

I used new phone with new sim card for the new account,and new ID…and it lasted 7 days until was banned…

Interesting. Deposit / withdrawal method? Used their app or web?

Used new skrill account,made with the same new ID
that was my friend ID,so no relatives or family
And deposith to skrill was from his credit card

My bet365 account lasted about 3 months when I started to arb. It was an old account though that I opened once I turned 18 so it had some years where it looked normal. I read somewhere that you should wait atleast 3 months before starting to use the account for arbing/value betting.

that probably makes sense. I don’t have that kind of patience though!

So - this is slightly off topic, but is it safe to assume bookies will still catch up with you even if you are losing to them, as they still identify you as a future risk?

What I mean is…I read on RB about how you should ideally avoid withdrawing money from your account, and instead place an outside bet with the bookie you want to withdraw from, and then bet the opposite at the exchange where you want the money to go.

Then - assuming the bet goes to form - you have effectively transferred the money, hopefully at minimal or no cost (if you are careful with your odds). By doing this regularly, you could syphon your profits out the backdoor of your bookie account, then withdraw them via the exchange (who don’t care if you withdraw), and then you can deposit them back in the front door of your bookie account, and your bookie account will consistently revert to being at a net loss, rather than in profit.

I’m probably missing something in my logic here, so happy to be corrected…presumably this is nothing new for a lot of more experienced people on here…

That might work on some soft bookmakers. Another tip is to play like a casual punter the first 3 months or so, so you’re flagged as a non-sharp.

I’ve read the most advanced bookmakers primarily checks the closing line value, not profitability.

that’s a shame, but good to know, thanks. sounds like I need to get smarter with my other bookmaker accounts when I open them, but 3 months is a long wait!

Somehow my experience relfects on that. I have actually been a casual bookmaker on several websites. And it took them ages to detect me. I am actually still running on some of these without being noticed. While accounts on new bookmakers were flagged so quickly !