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I’ve just started out with EV betting and I’m facing a rough start. Since 3 days and 160 places bets I’m down 20% of starting balance.

I’m not writing this post in regards of these losings, I will continue placing bets. My first question is about my settings and if any one here could check if there is some changes I should do before continuing.


Stake sizing: 30%

(x) adjust for open best

Max stake: 2%

Odds 1,40-2,90

Value percentage: 3-30%

My second question is about what markets you guys are betting on. A tip that is brought up, to not get limited, is to not bet on small markets. The question about this is how you come up with a good volume of bets if you are following this tip. More than 50% of the bets I get shown is from small tier events.

I’m very thankful for any response and I wish everyone a great weekend.

Kind regards,
Arre [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

I’m in my second month with very good volume I think. I bet in every league with the same settings that you showed but unticked adjust for open bets.

Good profits at the moment with some high and lows.

I’m with pro version by the way only doing bet365


You must bet on small markets or you will not get enough volume. You will get limited no matter what. IMHO it does not matter if you only bet on major leagues (probably as efficient as wearing pink socks while placing bets). Also you can raise the min value the further the start of the mach is.
Example 4h min 3% , while 12h min 4%.

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How much have you turned over on BET365, and how much is your average bet? I have a feeling they limit very fast. Have you had any issues?

Thanks for the reply, It seems like you can bet on small markets until they limit you, because then you nearly always can still bet on the major markets still. On the Swedish site ATG they also have blackjack with RTP of 99,8%, so what I am testing out is to just go a few blackjack hands here and there and hopefully trick them little longer that I am a “normal” player.

They are on Kambi and that will not trick them at all. Kambi does not care that you play casino games.