Rebel 2 week trial

HI everyone,

I got the trial yesterday to paper trade and see how it will go for the 2 weeks. All the bets im paper trading are available games as Im checking each one on the bookmaker site before I log them so result will be “real” results.

I was gonna try get to 500 or so bets for the trial but seemingly:

You cant pick the highest value games in trial?
You are limited to a certain amount of games a day?

I really dont understand why you give a trial for 2 weeks and not let the user experience the full software in order to make an informed decision on the product.

If I am not mistaken, you can only see bets until a value of max 3%.

Max bets you can place per day on the trail is also only 30 or so… It’s pretty common for a “trial” not to have all the features that the premium version has to offer. Especially when you don’t even need to give CC information on registration, but only an email address, people would just make a new account every 2 weeks if that was the case.

You could still place the max bets per day for 2 weeks and see what the results are, and then decide if it’s worth it or not.

I was playing around in the trail and after 1 day I was already up €35, so I just immediately bought the starter subscription.

im on 3rd day and its bout -35 so not the best start so will see

Keep betting. It is a long term run benefits. I am so happy with value betting, its the best investment I know.

I try post graph as jjst past first week of trial and at around -165 over 200 bets.

Tbh i dont thonk you can bet on value bets without looking further into match. Eg if man city are playing shrewsbury and the bookie has overpriced shrewsbury for win yes its a value bet but in reality its not becaise they wont beat man city so it doesnt matter if its a value bet or not because the result isnt going to happen 99/100 and it will always long term be a losing bet. How does the system know how to identify a game where underdog that has no chance of winning yet pops up as a value bet. Just wondering