RebelBetting 6.3

Hi why is rebelbetting 6.3 down? Is comming no arbs att all. The new rebelbbeting semms to work. But think the new rebelbetting is no good at all. The old one rebelbetting 6.3 is still much much better.

I see it is back. But please dont take the old rebelbetting away . The rebelbetting 6.3 is still so much better and the new one. I am sad to say this but the new rebelbetting is so bad if you need to place arbs fast.

I guess you mean 6.30?

We had a minor issue this morning which was fixed shortly after. Also, we just release an updated version of both the software and the web applications which will prevent this specific case from occurring again.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi I was promised that Rebelbetting 6.3 should work but not with new bookies and new uppdates. But it hasent worked for sevral ours.

Please note that our Windows software has been sunsetted and has been replaced with the web version. We cannot promise that old versions will work and it will not receive any updates in the future.