RebelBetting big data analysis

I’m undecided if I should sign up with rebel betting or Trademate sports.

Trademate sports have a feature called “big data tool” where you can effectively “backtest” data to see how your strategy would preform

Does rebel have something like this? If so how can one access it

Yes it does, it has a feature where one can export their data to slice and dice. This’s only available for members with a pro subscription though, TradeMate also charges an extra €80 for theirs.

Yes I understand it can export your “own data”

But what about historical data from rebel bet? This way you can get 10,000Plus sample size (like trademates)

Big data analysis is something we will be adding in the future, it’s a good feature for more advanced traders.

Right now, we do these analyses ourselves and have removed the most blatant non-profitable value bets .

Trademate still displays unprofitable value bets to customers. They also haven’t released new bookmakers or new features for three years (!)

Note that the RebelBetting Community isn’t for discussing other services so I’ll be closing this topic.

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