Rebelbetting compared to competitors

Hey Guys,

currently I am having a shot with the free trial. Beside doing that I am also having a look at RB competitors. As my amount of bookies are limited cause I live in Belgium I am searching for the best way to get access to betinasia , orbitx (betfair exchange clone) ,…

For rebelbetting i am obligated to take pro because in starter they do not add exchanges and brokers. So I am forced to spend €200 monthly to be able to use those bookmakers. On the other hand with the competitor I can have exchanges and brokers for only €80/month.

So my question is if somebody can tell me some pro’s why I should spend more than double on the rebelbetting software. I know RB has some great features like the graphs with CLV line, break down of all bets ,…BUT is this worth paying more than double to at the end receiving the same.

Not advertising any other product but just want to know why the price difference is that much?

could you name the competitor that gives access to brokers and exchanges for 80€/month?

I have not checked out all competitors but, one, that I have even tried, TMS requires the Pro subscription at 400€/month.

Betburger. they have €80 for valuebetting pre match. they also have a €190 plan but then you also get inplay valuebets.
Their interface is little bit outdated and in first sight they do not have features like graphs with CLV line, profit line,… So I first need to know the pro’s and con’s for both

I have a betinasia account which is a broker and they also have orbitx (betfair exchange clone through betinasia. Now this morning I took a 1 day subscription to be able to have a better look into this and only for the betinasia broker there popped up about 30-40 valuebets since this morning.
I think this could be a great solution for me as the betinasia broker does not limit accounts. And that they give me at least 20-40 valuebets per day then I could be doing this without being afraid to get limited

Think I am not allowed to name the competitor. initials are BB. Second word is what you can eat in McDonalds :man_shrugging:

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Thank you for the reply.
Just note that here can be a big difference in the bets that pop-up and the actual bet on the exchange/bookie. The value bets on sharps and exchanges have a tendency to quickly get their odds adjusted…
Keep us posted on how it goes.