RebelBetting different market names (AH, OU)

Hi guys, probably a slightly noobie question, but any answers much appreciated. I’ve noticed a few times the Asian handicap or other numbers are different on the Rebel betting site than they are on the actual bookie.
For example, the bet will refer to an over/under bet and say (U)3, or under 3 goals. But then follow the link to he bookie and its offering in 0.5 increments. So it offers Under 2.5 goals or under 3.5, but no 3 option. So would it be the 2.5 that i select?
Likewise this happens a lot with AH. On Rebel betting it will say +0.75 for a certain team, but then click the link to the site and there is no sign of +0.75. Instead it’s offering +0.5 or +1.0.
Any thoughts?

Please search the community. This has been asked and answered several times already.

I was told and i am sure it is correct and that is what i do, if you are looking for +1.75 and there is only the option for +1.5 or +2 then your required +1.75 falls into that and that is the bet you take :slight_smile: Effectively it is +1.75
I think, if the match ends at +1.5 you get a part win. I don’t 100% fully understand it but it seems to work that way.
The same for under / over market, if your bet falls in between the two options, that is your bet to take.

Hope that helps

legend Paul. Thanks for taking the time to answer :slight_smile:

Welcome mate, someone had to lol

I wouldn’t go down this route personally. If the tracker shows the line at +0.75 then you follow the link and the line has moved to +1 you need to check in the ‘Alternative Asian Handicap’ Market where it will have every combination including the +0.5, +1 market which you’re looking for. If the odds have moved for that market you can update the tracker and see if it’s still value. Taking a different asian handicap than the one posted is going to either make your profit tracker inacurate or cause a headache having to manually track the outcome of the result. Same applied for the Goals market btw, check in the ‘Alternative goal line’ market. Some games don’t have all the alternative markets in that case I’d snooze and move on.

@Be77amy is 100% correct.
You DO NOT take a +1, or a +1.5, when the identified bet is +1.25 (which is displayed as +1, +1.5 at some bookies).