Rebelbetting is the only winner in the long run?

Sooner or later we will all be restricted on all betting sites except for the exchanges. This kind of investment is very limited. Rebelbetting will continue to make profits as long as new paying members will use their service. But how about the old members with all their restricted accounts? Is it all over?

So I have been restricted for months now on all bookies, and only have 3 left, a very restrricted £1 a bet Labrokes account, and of course Smarkets and Betfair.

Yes everything kinda died a death, however the value bets do come in, I went from like 150+ bets a day to struggling to get just 10% of that.

As you can see the massive drop suddenly in quantity of bets per day as I got banned from all bookies.

however from about dec onwards is just the 3 bookies left, and yes the blue line doesn’t quite rise as fast now, but it’s still slowly but surely heading in right direction.

@deankenny are you only doing valuebetting?

Yes, I have zero interest in matched/sure betting, time consuming for little reward, despite the low to no risk.

This is a problem in countries like mine, Romania, where Bet365, Pinnacle and almost all external bookmakers are not available due to not having an ONJN licence.

Out of the few bookmakers I can use as a starter, only Unibet has been closing an eye and let me play without limiting me (so far).
Valuebetting itself has some concerning problems on Rebelbetting, but imagine trying surebetting here, which seems undoable.

Unfortunately with the purchasing power and the limited no. of bookmakers we have, the monthly price is too high to continue, considering the risk of being limited one day after purchasing PRO :laughing:
Maybe focusing on other countries by introducing more bookmakers (not the ones from the last update) as well as dropping the price a little, could make this community grow. After all, you decide what to do.

I do agree, the monthly fee is very high, and the only negative I have towards Rebel Betting.

I know lots of people in the betting circle that want to join but won’t simply due to the sheer expensiveness of the service.

Hello, I’m from Brazil, I have 500 euros to invest in rebelbetting, with a stake of 5 euros, but as you say, the monthly amount of 99 euros is a bit heavy, because in this management it cannot increase, I have higher values ​​more in investments.

Current and incoming upgrades to the software is slowly justifying the price point, besides discount sales are becoming frequent, you grab an offer before it expires.

It should be in Rebelbetting interest to compensate and keep their customers satisfied. Why pay a high monthly fee when all your betting accounts is being restricted? It’s not worth it. Is it possible to focus more on the exchanges and get more out of it?

Yeh, I agree, I do think in the future though the people who run it will realise and start incentivising current customers not just new one or those who only pay by the year which not everyone can fork out at once.

Luckily for them there’s not much competition for RB, and it’s working for me despite the high cost, so I stick around for now.

Hi guys,

It’s, of course, our main goal to keep our customers happy. We offer a service that finds profitable betting opportunities for you, so you can make nice money off of sports betting.

We are transparent and try to educate our users that betting on value bets and arbitrage bets should be seen as an investment method for a limited time - but for as long as possible - until it is not doable anymore (because of limitations etc).

We do not provide an eternal money-making machine for you, unfortunately. Believe us, we would if we could! Remember: bookmakers do not really like us either…and we have no direct communication with them.

We have several tips on how to avoid limitations. We want you to stay unlimited for as long as possible of course. But we cannot prevent the bookmakers from doing this, sorry. There is no magic way for us to do that I’m afraid.

We suggest you reap as much profit as you can, for as long time as possible. When you get limited you have a few different options. Either you keep on betting on your limited accounts for as long as you can (until you get fully limited). Or you quit and withdraw your profit…or you get help from friends and family…

We offer odds from 100+ bookmakers, so hopefully you can use many of them, so you can keep betting for a long time ahead.

I hope this reply will help seeing things from our perspective too. We are on the same team here. :slight_smile:


Glad you are aware of the limitations but still offer yearly plans and discounts less on monthly plans but more on yearly ones.
Also the bookmakers suggested by us have not been covered yet. Not trying to hate but I expected more when I signed up, I’m not even a month in and already struggling to keep going with limited stakes, hope at least to afford the subscription fee at the end of this month

Yes, that’s normal business practice, because they get a year, rather than stopping monthly and losing customers throughout 12 months, it’s similar to those “TRY FOR FREE” stuff where you still gotta subscribe to a monthly amount, but for 7 days it doesn’t charge you so technically a week free, however the business are hoping that people forget, and lots of people will go over 7 days without even using the app again, forget and have to pay.

I’m sorry if you think so. But we are an honest company and we do not want to fool our customers in any way. We do not hope that you guys “forget” to cancel the subscription after a year. This is not how we do business!

We have customers being with us for many years, so the longer plans are much appreciated. And the longer subscriptions are cheaper because you pay in advance. That’s all. No shady practices here.

You can cancel your subscription right away, and it won’t renew. So even if you buy a year, then you can cancel it after the purchase (that is - cancel the recurring billing, not the program itself). You will of course be able to use the service for as long as you have subscribed. You even have the option to pause your account.

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Hey, I’m not upset or angry or anything, I’m happy with the service despite the price, value is what people make it, and as long as I profit, then I’m happy to pay the super premium you charge.

Just stating at the end of the day you are a business, and this is how business works.
But with that should always have good customer service, which from my experience has been good, always had replies and help when needed.

Don’t want you to think i’m unhappy or annoyed at RB, I am a customer, and a happy one, despite what facts I’ve stated.

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:heart_eyes: I’m glad you’re happy, and thanks for your kind words. Perhaps I just misunderstood you a bit. Sorry about that!

Thinking outside the box, is there a way to have alternative subscription methods? Maybe “pay as you play” which basically would be a day pass. Or maybe a “weekend” pass for those of us that have it as weekend hobby. If a user bought a year pass and for some reason cannot use it, would it be okey if he/she sold it to another user?

Personally I would gladely pay for a year subscription if I knew that I could use it. Im new to this surebetting so I’m still paying monthly till I have a good strategi that i can use long term. I actually even have another subsciption with one of your competitors simultanesly… :slight_smile:

All the best!

Guys for those of you who have bet365 account and do not bet with rebbelbetting…… you are just wasting your time and money. I used valuebetting for almost one year, and have 5 bet365 accounts limited unfortunately. I have tried to bet on sharps, but don’t work in my opinion. So bottom line, if you have bet 365 account do not think and PLAY. This is the only tip I can give you.

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Pretty good tip. How and on what sharps did you try?

I tried betinasia for about a month. I did not make a lot of bets, but lost 250 euro :slightly_smiling_face:. Odds do not match 99%.