RebelBetting News and Improvements! June 21 2023

These are the latest news and improvements to our service that we’ve been working on lately:

Bookmakers and domains

  • New: PameStoixima added

  • New: TopSportAU added

  • BetAtHome back again

New in Reports

You can now also see CLV for each bookmaker and sport in the Reports view.


Other Improvements

  • Improved the database stability and performance (praise the lord of databases)
  • An easter egg is hidden in the program…see if you can find it!

New Youtube videos

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/The RebelBetting team

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Still waiting for

Thanks! Yes, your vote has been added and your bookie requests are on our to-do list.

But we are a small team, so we need to prioritize everything we do very carefully. Right now we are doing some background jobs, that are somewhat “invisible” but will still be great assets for the end user. Sorry for not being able to implement all the features and bookie requests sooner.

BetAtHome not working at all at the moment. Some bets show up but they are like 24 hours late.