RebelBetting News and Improvements 🥳 June 7 2023

These are the latest news and improvements to our service that we’ve been working on lately:

More bets

  • Profitable Overs on soccer
    Low-margin overs are back since May 24. We discovered (with the help of @Lm10, our community moderator) that a subset of soccer overs was actually profitable. Specifically value bets with low margins, below 4.5%.

  • New: Asian Handicap and Over/Under now available for Esport for Bet365

  • Tennis now available on 3et

Bookmakers and domains

New in Reports

We have added a red background shading on the bet count as a reminder indicating that the data is not yet statistically significant. The reason for this is that many users tend to evaluate their results too early on and change settings when they have very few bets. We want to remind you to not alter your settings too fast, after too few bets.

The red shading will gradually become lighter the more bets you place. Bet count over 5000 bets won’t have any red shading.

Fixed Bugs

We’ve cleared a bug that made some Tennis bets show up again - even if you had already placed that bet.

Other bookmaker updates

  • BetHard can no longer be accessible in RebelBetting as they have recently changed their odds provider. As of now, we are reworking our way to get odds from them. We hope to have them back soon.

  • Betstar is no longer available as they merged with Ladbrokes.

Let me know if you have any questions (here or in the Discord chat).

/The RebelBetting team