RebelBetting News and Improvements - September 2023 🥳

These are the latest news and improvements to our service that we’ve been working on lately:

New bookmakers:

Check out our full list of bookmakers here.

More bets

  • Fixes have been made that ensure many more bets for you - Moneyline/Win market is added to 9 bookmakers.

Odds back

On occasion, a bookmaker’s odds might not be retrievable by us. There are numerous reasons for this to happen and often it depends on stuff that’s outside of our control.

This month our devs have been able to get the odds back for the following bookmakers: Barstool, Novibet, Betano, Stoiximan, Pamestoixima, 3et.

As much as we want to, we can not guarantee 100% uptime for each bookmaker we cover at all times. We are however doing our very best to always gather as many odds as possible from all bookmakers we support.

Easier to find asian handicap bets on Bet365

A quarter goal Asian handicap is a 50/50 split between the two surrounding handicaps, with half of the total stake going to each one of them.

Bet365 displays their quarter Asian handicap bets and goal line bets a bit differently than other bookmakers. If you see a quarter Asian Handicap of say -0.75 on RebelBetting in the bet list, it will show up as “-0.5, -1.0” on Bet365.

To make it easier for you, the “Bet card” details (the expanded view of the bet in RebelBetting) now show exactly what limit/line you should be looking for at Bet365. So, in this example it will say “-0.5, -1.0” (which is the exact same as -0.75).

BetTracker improvements

The number of Pending bets in the BetTracked does not include the number of Unsettled bets, as it did before. This was just a purely visual bug, and the unsettled bets weren’t included in any calculations before.
Pending bets

To see your Unsettled bets (that you need to grade manually yourself) go to the bottom of the bet tracker and choose “Unsettled” in the drop-down list.

Rounding stake on sharps (sure betting)

When sure betting on sharps, there is no need to round your stake. It can in fact decrease the profits by quite a bit. We’ve changed the rounding for some of you, and also added some friendly warnings. Read more here.

Sure bet count now makes more sense

Before we showed all the possible sure bet combinations, which only caused confusion.


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