Rebelbetting starter vs. Rebelbetting Pro

I know that value betting is all the vogue right now, however I have a question about the sure-betting products.
Right now I have the RebelBetting starter subscription. That limits some exchanges and does not display arbs over a certain %. Is there anyone in the community (or from RebelBettingt) that can provide feedback on the differences between the two? How many middles is it realistic to hit?

It is one thing to say that the maximum arbitrage percentage is not limited but what percentage can be expected? Is it worth the substantial price increase of the service?
Why not provide a 10 day or a one week paid service period for users/customers.
Really appreciate all feedback and comments.


Here you can see differences between Starter and Pro. Middles are exclusively for Pro users, as well as bet brokers and all the highest arbitrage bets.

How many sure bets and middles you get is almost impossible to answer. This differs a lot depending on the choice of bookmaker, season, time of day, time of the week, sport, etc. So it can differ a lot between users. Perhaps fellow sure bettors here in the community, using Starter or Pro, can share their experiences?