Recommended countries for Full-Time Arbing/Value Betting

Hi there!

So, I have been living off betting for nearly a whole year now, and while the profits have been great and also I have just joined RebelBetting to start Value Betting journey, the restrictions coming at me from all the soft bookmakers are making it much harder to maintain the steady profits.

I am currently in UK.

I am interested what places are technically the best for betting Full-Time, by which I mean places where there are hard bookmakers such as Pinnacle or SBO available.

I was researching into betting brokage services, but unfortunately these are not legal within UK.

I’ve had pinnacle enabled on my value betting since I started and not once have I seen a bet come up from them. I’ve read a lot on here & elsewhere that they’re a great sharp bookmaker for value bettors, so I’m not sure whether the software is broken or what.

To answer your question from my experience, I’d say Marathon are quite good as long as you stick to larger markets. I’m also in the UK and been restricted on many sites and would be interested to know anyone elses opinion. Like I said, Pinnacle seems to be a great site but I’ve yet to touch it since they just don’t come up for me. Obviously SBO is blocked in the UK :frowning: (even with my VPN). I’ve also looked into bet brokers but I wasn’t aware they were illegal in the UK?

Pinnacle is the site rebelbetting uses to find value bets, ie, odds that are higher than pinnacles are considered value odds, thats why you will never find value bets at pinnacle. Pinnacle is good for sure betting.


Hi congratulations on making an earning full time from betting. That’s fantastic!
Can I ask what systems or tipsters you’ve been using to generate such a substantial level if income? Many thanks for sharing

Im sorry mate, I have not seen your response.

Honestly it started off when I got laid off my latest job and around that time I was just matched betting doing around 300-400 pounds a month.

I have started researching into the ways I can make more money betting so I went into arbing, I have started doing a lot of horses on SkyBet as they had amazing odds around that time and I have started going to in store bookies (UK) to make even more. I have even found a loophole in a bookmaker store that allowed me to do sometimes even 100-200 quid a day, but unfortunately it did slow down and now I have to be happy if I manage 20 quid. There is always arbing opportunities and other exploits waiting to happen.

Also I have started trading on betfair looking into some strategies, paying for automating the strategies, I failed and succeded and in the end doing it full-time seems like a mix of everything available to you.

18bet is really good for value betting.

Maybe, but not available in UK


What if you hide your location with VPN ?

I probably could use a VPN but will they not ask me for proof of address when registering?

Dont do anything wrong, the chances that things go dry are immense. Even doing everything right some bookies will do harm to you by limitting your bets