Recommended settings and users own settings to share

Hello commune !

Seems settings plays huge impact with value bets, I still looking for optimal settings for VB.

Since I`m still starting using 400e bankroll and my settings looks like this:

Value: above 3.5% below 10%
Odds: above 1.85 below 3.1

Stake size 30%
Max stake 1%

I`m using 1x, bet365, unibet, sportingbet, betfair spoortsbook, paddypower

Please share, advice recommended settings for VB start !

Thank You! Kaspas

And why do you think that bet on odds less than 1.85 is bad idea?

I think you will get almost nothing to bet in weekdays if you use above 3.5% value
You also need huge volume to get a stable result

Ryan somehow even 1.85 requires to win 2/3 of bets to be in plus … so I just cant see any value to bet lower odds - please correct me if Im wrong but if 1.8-1.7-1.6 dont mean that half of your bets will be winners - Im not refusing use them but trying to avoid those odds - just because winning percentage is not much better …

Steven please advise! What value you recommend ? I`m made 3.5 just because I saw this some example… I changed 2.5 now but still what value % you suggest… Really just learning and looking for to improve !

Thank You in advice !

I used to use 1% filter for minimum value, but i think 2% is the best for me right now. With 1% EV filter, I make 9% yield for average EV in my stats about 4%. I am way too lucky for that result

Hello Steven,
On what bookies do you have this results?