Recommended Stake Size

Hi, is there an option or setting where I can set my own stake money? Say I wanna set my recommended stake money to be $20 for odds lower than $2.1 for value of %15 , and only $10 for odds lower than $2.1 with value only 3.5%

Then it won’t be called recommended stake size but personal staking.

Anyways, you will have to manually input your personal stakes yourself in stated scenario.

Out of curiosity, why would you want this @anson1999 ? Do you think you can outperform the Kelly Strategy?

I would also want this, but instead I just need the option to set a fixed stake for a specified bookmaker. Say Betano limited me and I need to log bets faster, and since the recommended stake is much higher than what I can bet, it forces me to change the stake every time before pressing the “Log” button.

I agree that would be useful, but it’s a pretty specialized feature so I’m sure it’s pretty far down the list. Before Unibet left my state, I was limited there and it would have been helpful to be able to set either a max bet just for them or a set stake amount for them. I would have just stopped placing with them entirely, but bet volume can sometimes be a bit of a struggle in the US (depending on your state and the acitve/approved books.)