Reports for VB Web beta

If you’re running the ValueBetting web, you will find a new item in the menu – reports. They are currently in beta, and things will change. But please check them out and let us know if you see something strange.

Things we plan to add:

  • Filter the report on bookmaker, sport, market type, date, odds and value range.
  • EV compared to Closing odds.

What report are you missing currently?

Everything looks right here except for the bottom report for Bets placed last days.

Looking good and nice to have an easy breakdown by bookie and sport.

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It looks great!

A report which odds range has the most winning bets would be interesting.

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Looks great! Nice to see details which bets are most profitable.

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Since the new update on the web version (Reports) under the menu section, I have an idea I hope you can implement. With the new reports it would be great to be able to adapt Kelley Criteria to the results of the reports, i.e. If a user is performing well at MLB one should be able to increase Kelley for that type of sport. Please make Kelley adaptable! Custom Kelley based on the report results, I think it would be a great way to maximize ones individual results!

Report is not working for me since yesterday, returning a Server Error - 502…

Back up now. And should hopefully not happen again.


Is there a function in the Web version where you can see your results during a specific month?
I have looked but can’t find anything.

I don’t like to revive old and inactive topics, but I didn’t want to start a new one because I think it belongs here.

Today I noticed something strange in the detailed reports in the user account. I don’t know, either we don’t understand it (I’m happy to have it explained), but if I go to the detailed reports, I see a discrepancy.

Reports / Date / Current / Day / Updated filter - Yield 4.7 %
Reports / On / 7/1/2023 / Updated filter - Yield 8.5 %

Logically, I should see the same yield for today, right? Why doesn’t it fit me?

I’m still attaching screenshots, now I looked at it again and I’m confused as to what is right.

With the current / day functions, I see Yield 5.7%
With the functions ON / I select today, Yield 13.3% is displayed

so what is right? Or how should I understand it?
Thanks if someone can explain it to me

I also tried current / month and the function between (I selected 8 days), Yield is displayed the same, so this is fine.


This is a timezone limitation (I would say bug) with our reporting engine. One query uses UTC and the other CET. So the hours differ 1 hour currently.

Simon, thank you for the explanation. Will this problem be solved? Logically, the current filter will be accurate and the ON function will be a bug.

Yes, they are working on a timezone fix for an upcoming release.

Timezones are notoriously difficult to get right for all scenarios, there’s a reason all developers hate them :smiley:

I thought it wouldn’t be easy to fix. :smirk: Great Simon, thanks for clarifying the situation, have a nice day.

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