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As I mentioned in another post, I am developing an Excel sheet that allows you to analyze the details of the best definitions by sport and market, including to know the results that would have made bets with different definitions based on the historical bets that made until date.
So I come to make a last appeal to the community members (with the Pro version) and the developers of Rebelnetting @simon @hanna, who share with me extended betting reports, I have a sample of 13K, but I need larger samples.
Who has 4K, 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k … Please share, I can gather all reports and eliminate all duplicate bets. Everyone who packets I will provide the best definitions for each sport and market based on extensive historical histories so that they are as right as possible.
With 13k, I already have an interesting perception that I will share with who shared reports with me, but I need at least 50k to 100k (bets).
With this analysis you can maximize profits and soften variance.
You have nothing to lose, on the contrary, they just earn from it
I hope your collaboration.
My greetings for everyone,
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Here you have a sample of what the analysis in excel allows, based on a 12K report, where all tennis bets were withdrawn, in the β€œWin” market, which total 1.2K bets (in that sport and market in particular).
The sheet works for all sports and markets, being able to filter the time interval of the bet before the start of the game, the odds, the value of the bet and even the bookmaker.
The first image shows all bets with free filters;
The second image shows the best settings for this particular market.
Obviously a larger sample will be needed to prove whether or not these definitions are the best, 1.2K in this market can be considered a small sample, but you can see that we can maximize profits.
I hope I have piqued your curiosity.
It should be noted that the sheet is not finished and can be improved and obviously I have to do tests to detect any errors, as it involves very extensive mathematical formulas.