Result after 2 weeks - ~1500 bets

Hi everyone.
I used the basic version of value betting in 2021 and had lukewarm results due to a small bankroll and hitting just 30-40 bets per day.
I tried this year again with a 1.500eur bankroll and so far the results are great as i have around 800eur profit already.

Do you have any advice on how to keep the bet365 account active and not limited for as long as possible as it is the account that provides more than 90% of the turnover?


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So, almost 3.000 bets in and 25 days since my first bet these are the results.

I realize this is a lucky streak that will inevitably dial down, but just wanted to share the enjoyable moment :smiley:



I’m happy you’re happy :laughing:

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Hi! Can you share your settings please?

Wow, another update 4 days later :smiley:



Got gubbed on bet365, so the final tally is 4.300eur profit, easiest money i ever made!
I will start again in September, good luck to everyone else and trust the process!