Results after 1 month of VB pro (1770 bets)

Hi there,

These are my results of using value betting pro after a good month (32 days).

As you can see above I had a good start but after that I was in a negative spiral for more than 2 weeks. The first of November was my lowest point with a result of -4000€. At that point in time my CLV was almost +5000€ so I was €9000 below EV. It wasn’t always easy to keep the moral high but I knew it was just variance and kept on going. After the 1st of November my results skyrocketed. We went on a huge heater and quickly closed the gap with CLV and even surpassed it. Now the last weekend we regressed a bit but I’m very close to CLV at the moment.

Stats per sport & market:

Bets placed per day:


Key thing to note with the settings is that my bankroll is much higher than the €10.000 I use to determine my stakes. This enabled me to keep betting the same stakes during my initial downswing (which allowed us to quickly close the gap whilst being on a heater). Also even with a 10K bankroll I’m already sometimes limited by the max bet that my bookmaker allows me to place. This means that using a higher bankroll would mess with the Kelly staking strategy. On top of this it allows me to place much more bets which reduces variance much faster (e.g. last Saturday I had 160 bets open for 25.000€).
For the real high value bets I sometimes ‘go rogue’ and bet more than the €200 max bet in my settings (although never more than €300).
I also play in a betting shop, so I have to physically be there to place my bets. So it can be long days but I’m avoiding limits this way :slight_smile:


How can you make such high bets on Unibet? From the start I have never been able to really make bets over 20 EUR lol, they don’t allow and I don’t think im limited also.

I play in a betting shop that uses a Unibet reskin, that’s why my filter is set on them

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congrats for the results!
what is the name of the shop is it Fortuna??? and what country are you betting from ?

Impressive. You play on a phisycal point??

Any update???