Results after 1 month

I’m new by ValueBetting, and I’m sharing here the results after my first month. I must say that I’m happy with this program, and it helped me a lot on pickin some good odds. I didn’t had to much time on placing more bets, but I’ve played ca. 30 bets per day (most of them on the weekends). I’ve started with the default settings (min. value 2.0%, and 30% Stake sizing) with1500€ Bankroll. During this month I’ve changed the setings several times, to experiment, but now I’m stayng by the standart setings.
Regarding the support, I’m very impressed about the fast reply, and the way they assist you.


nice results

can write more info or show better stats ?

  1. how many days did you bet ?
  2. did you bett all bet types ? all sports ?
  3. what is range for your odds ? 1.5 - 2.5 ?
  4. did yo bet only on bwin ?
  5. max time to start match - how many hours ?


  1. 30 Days of betting.
  2. I prefer more betting on Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis. ( I play mostly in top Leagues)
  3. mostly 1.7 - 2.2 ( most of my bets are in 2 way result, and Asian H.). My best results are in Basketball (NBA, NCAA).
  4. I have used only bwin, but now I’m expanding on other companies.
  5. Doesn’t matter to me.

I invest mostly in 2 way odds, and I invest on odds who the winning or losing have the same odd (or almost the same odd), and I chose odd with min. value 2,0%.

Congrats! 722 bets may not be a big enough sample size tho, the yield is probably overperformed at the moment. But doing 15gbp is good for avoiding being limited!