Results after 1 week and 160 bets



I tried the mobile service for one week and have a question. The tracker says that i have made profit but my bank is on now on the same amount as my starting bank. Why is that?

The bankroll in Options is currently only used to calculate ROI and is not updated. You need to do that manually (for now). The profit should be correct. I hope that helps.

Yeah I noticed that I have to update it myself. But the profit isn’t correct… I placed 160 bets and was down to 150 from 200. At the end of the day i was up at 200 again and the profit says +43€…


290 bets… Profit 33€ and iam down to 155 from the same 200€ starting bank.

I just checked mine and after taking into account unsettled bets it was out by £11 which is for 294 bets over the past week and £380 profit (actually £369). Pretty close really.

I think it’s because I had a couple of bets fail to log then disappear and they must have lost.

I can check this later today. All bets was logged correctly?

Rotten, check your profit again now and see if it’s correct.


its still the same:

300 bets , Profit 44€, EV 4,92%, Exp. Profit 33€ but my bank is at 178€ from 200€ starting

I’ll send you a pm and we can continue to try to find the cause of this.