results after 1255 bets

Hello partners,

I speak to you from Spain. I come to tell you about my adjustments, results and impressions.

For my part, I would like to thank the entire RB team for their work. They are incredible, the support, the product, everything great and very happy.

I have the starter pack.

And these are my results:

and these are my settings:

my annotations:

1- I have removed sports like basketball after negative results. (only use tennis and football)

2-now I have about 400 picks in the same amount, I have neither gone up nor gone down. That could be happening? I have reached my limit with respect to the starter pack and is it necessary to change to PRO?

3-just lost bet365, and betway due to limitation. Any clone that works similar to bet365? in PRO, which one is worth it? betfair for example?

Again, I thank you all for the work.


Thanks a lot for your kind words, and for sharing your result! :slight_smile: Keep up the good job!

Great job on your results so far! Regarding your comment about removing basketball, I noticed that you have only placed 220 bets on them, which may not be enough to draw a conclusion. In my personal experience, basketball has been very profitable. I’ve reviewed my own results, and I have placed 2700 basketball bets with a turnover of 59k and a total profit of 3.4k€, yielding a 5.8% return. I recommend giving it another try.

Regarding your second point, it is possible to experience a flat period with consistent betting, it took me 7 days of placing 90-100 bets per day to finally see a uptrend. It can be frustrating, but value betting isn’t always a straight line up unfortunately.

As for your third point, I highly recommend Unibet if you haven’t used them already. They offer many value bets per day but tend to limit quickly at 500€. In my opinion, it’s not worth upgrading to pro just to use sharp bookies since it’s challenging to maintain consistent winnings with them, and value bets disappear quickly.

If you have friends or family who can make a profile on soft bookies, it may be worth considering a PRO subscription as it grants access to higher value bets.