Results after 2 weeks of valuebetting, very good!


Just wanted to share my results if anyone is interested in any settings. My bets are mostly through Bet365 which will become a problem sooner or later. But very happy with the results, far above my CLV line.


do you bet on every sport ? Very good results here, congrats man!!

Hey, thx! I only bet in football, tennis and ice hockey. I would say 75% football.

A lot of Asian handicap. I bet on everything I can.

See below:

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New Update here after almost 1000 bets. Great stuff!

Results, options

Hej Ville,
nice results.
Why have you capped the max value at 8% ?

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I think a lot about the value. I have mine capped at 20% and obviously get excited, and go for the high value bets, but I also go for anything that’s over 0% (I have min value set to 3% but if the odds have changed and the value is still 0.1% or above I still go for it). I’m wondering if that’s why I’ve had some surprisingly good runs with quite a few bookmakers and have even apparently come back from the brink at times.

As you’ve pointed out before, no-one has a guaranteed method for keeping accounts open, but I do wonder if taking taking low (but positive) value bets may help. I used to play a lot of Blackjack in the hope that this would help, but I can safely say (not huge, but reasonable sample of people) that it doesn’t make any difference so don’t sucked into it. I used to do a lot of Back/Lay bets at around 98% to “lose” my balance to the exchange but again, not sure how much this helped.

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