Results after 2000 bets (SWEDEN)

Hello, just wanted to share my results after 2000 bets (30 days)

Got good yield over almost all sports that I am using, if anyone need help or want to discuss anything its fun :slight_smile:

Results 1

Have a great day!

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Can you let me know your filters?

Yes, I have different filters on weekends and weekdays. But I do soccer, tennis, esport, baseball, basketball.

Value: 3.5-7 (only using starter)
24 hours to match start on weekends and 48 on weekdays.
2.4% stake, 30% kelly.

min odds 1.2, max odds 2.9.

I also do Hockey, and all of over/under, asian, win, threeway and so on.

Thankyou man will give it a test