Results after 2500 bets in 11 weeks

My betting journey originally started with matched betting. I’ve known about matched betting for probably 10 years, but it was in 2023 I actually started. Made some quick profits (around 7-8k SEK in about a month) and then was trying to figure out what to do next. Remembered that I had watched some videos by oddsjam and Shane Huang and started researching value betting. Found a few services and decided to go with Rebel Betting.

I contacted the support and was able to get a discount for signing up for 3 months instead of just 1 month. Hanna and Bryan are both very friendly and helpful.

My first few days had good variance with 1000 SEK profit, but after a week I was negative. The negative return kept going for 7 more weeks. It was very rough, but as the math behind value betting is solid, I just kept going. I lost all the money in some bookies and had to withdraw and distribute the money to other bookies. At worst I was down 35%. My starting bankroll was 10k SEK and I was not using pro.

The magic started to happen around week 8 where I went from -1000 SEK to +3000 SEK. Since then the profit has increased to 11 000 SEK. At week 10 I upgraded to pro, upped my bankroll to 20k and the profits kept on increasing.


If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll try to respond.

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any limit by far?

Seem to be limited by ATG, but haven’t gotten a message saying it. But on (almost) all bets I get “Max stake is XX.XX SEK”. At least on all handicaps, etc. On major markets (win) it doesn’t seem to happen. Maybe a liquidity issue?

maybe yes. What about your CLV? Are you placing bets close to start time only?


Time before matches has been 16-36 hours. Just changed to 36h to get more volume, I’ve mostly had 16-24h.

I also just updated my bankroll to 25k instead of 20k (even though it’s actually 33k).

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Do you multibet on single games,basketball for instance on all the bets?
Also do you get on every bet listed,or only get on basketball lines if its 2-3 hours from start times etc.

Don’t multibet yet. Hoping they will fix the settings “Hide bet after placement” so you can do it on specific bookmakers only (the ones you are limited at) in the near future. It’s a feature they’ve meantioned they will add.

I bet on everything. If I have the settings at 36h and a bet comes up that will start in 36 hours, I will bet.

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Insane 2 weeks, from 115% ROI to over 350% (peaking at almost 400%).
Week 13