Results after 3 weeks of using Rebel Betting & 2156 Bets

After 3 weeks of using Rebel Betting Pro. Bet365 have finally gubbed my account. Here are the results. 163% ROI! Happy with that. Big thanks to the Profit Boss (Chris) on youtube and his community for helping me out.


Congratulations on your great profit! :muscle: :partying_face: Do you plan to continue value betting with other bookmakers?

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Limits only after 2000 bets… cant go on any longer :confused:

70% + of my bets was made on bet365 so its difficult without it.
I want to know if using Asian odds is profitable but seems like no one wants to answer

Congrats on this great perf !
By asian odds do you mean Asian handicap ? If yes, for me it’s been profitable over a 1000 bets. About 2.3% yield

asian odds is a exchange like smarkets/betfair

Impressive early results…I guess you are using ALL sports and ALL Markets ?

oooh okay sorry I am not very familiar as I don’t have access to those in my country