Results after 6 weeks, ~2000 bets

I started pretty badly, for the first 2 weeks I was in negative but I’m glad I stuck with it. I’m now at 100% ROI with over 4.5% yield and I’m looking forward to making more. My current plan is to just keep going until all the bookmakers ban me!


After just over 3000 bets now, was up to £3700 last week but unfortunately down £1000 from expected profit. Since the last post I’ve been banned from quite a few bookmakers which has slowed things down a bit but I’ve still managed to make a decent profit.



you are doing so well, maybe better bookies my roi is 30% and yield 1,90% after 3500 bets
last 2 days doing not su much after 300 bets extra still the same level

Please Lewis kindly advise me on the filter settings. I am doing so bad at the moment

Hi there! Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time at the moment. How many bets have you placed so far? Do you use default settings?