Results after 7200 bets


Hey im starting VB in November 2018.
I have great results till now.
I use a lot of bookies. For example 1xbet, williamhill, bet365, unibet, bwin, titanbet, SBO, matchbook, betfair, …
My Kelly is 50% since February. Before that I use 30%. But I can live with the higher variance.
My max stake is 3,5% and the value between 1 and 99%. I bet all what I can.
So till now it works very fine and I hope it’s sth. for the future.


Looks good @boss0301. Keep up the good work!

Hi there . Do you use Software or Web ? Im using SBO and IBC but I tried to insert everthing into these 2 websites . Its working too

Hey, i‘m using both…how you can use ibc!?:eyes:

can you recommend me what to do . I only have sbo and ibc accounts . big accounts

You can use Bet-football of sportsmarket…in this way you can use also betfair and matchbook…

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hi there , what do you mean you are using both > ? and also u mean ibc is not good ? pls advise

I use the software at Home and the webversion when i’m not at Home. Are there bets from ibc?i think there only bets from dafabet. and that are nearly the same odds like ibc.

12bet , Ibc is a cloned of dafa

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By the way , anyone knows the cloned of SBOBET ?

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Hello, thanks for sharing results. Looks very good! I will join too! :slight_smile:

suggest u to try cmd368 (another IBC clone) if u are South East Asian. For value-betting, we need to have softbooks like Europe ones. the more bookies, the more chance u earn

hi @boss0301 , may i ask how u managed to use 1xbet. Don’t they void all your winnings?

Hi bro thanks for the information . What bookmakers do you guys use for vb now . I find using sbo real hard to win money lol

1bet / 18bet, unibet, bet365 etc