Results form the first 2 weeks + some insight on the service

I started VB around 2 weeks ago with RebelBetting and so far these are my results

Min Value 2%
Max Value 99% (There is not really anything above 15% showing up anyway but just for the sake of it)

Time to match start at most: 6 hours

Odds 1.20 - 2.90

So far I have been up around £300.00 the most, but went down £120.00 within a single day because of course the variance.

From the pro’s of the service I can say that it has:

  • Very good navigation to bookmakers

  • Useful data to show your progress

  • Great tracker that updates the results accordingly

On the other hand I feel like there are a couple of issues that I would like to bring up here.

  • Value Dissapeared: On multiple occasions I have had a situation where I have placed a bet for an event and went back to log in into my tracker, but before I did I noticed that the website now said that the “Value Dissapeared”. I have double checked the odds and they have stayed exactly the same and therefore this made me wonder on how many occasions this is the case where I place my bet and shortly after there is no value in it anymore and how that affects my results.

  • Wrong odds: This happens multiple times every single day, I use multiple bookmakers including Bet365, Betsson, 10Bet, BoyleSports and Unibet + its clones and I am yet to see a day where I can be directed to an event where the odds are correct. The problem here is not even the fact that the bookmaker changed the odds, but that the website keeps showing it up with the wrong odds for ages and not correcting it whatsoever.

  • Wrong markets and events: Another issue I have had so far is that I get directed to the event that is not there, by which I mean that either the event is suspended, or it does not even exist. This seems to happen especially a lot with tennis, RB would show up names of players that will be having a match an hour from now and when I will look it will turn out that not only the odds are completely incorrect, but the player is having a match with somebody else. For wrong markets RB will especially show me markets that do not even exist on that website (usually Bet365).

Lastly though it is probably not RBs fault, I have been mislead that it will take much longer for bookmakers to limit me when I will be doing value betting instead of arbitrage. So I have tested it by making accounts on bookmaker that I have never used or had anything to do with. I have made an account with MarathonBet. I have managed to place a total of 5 Value Bets, 2 of them being stakes higher than £10.00 before I got stake restricted to £0.21 for every single event on the website.

I guess that is it. So far I am in the middle of whether I am happy or not about getting the subscription, but I did get the 2 in the price of 1 so I will probably use it until August and then see whether it is worth it.

I have exacly the same problems as you after the same amount of bets, except im not getting limited anywhere since im constantly losing. ROI - 40%. EV 5%. For me the autosurf never works with bet365. Also the asian bets often does not match on bet 365. Sometimes when the event doesnt exist i noticed it may show up in the seach results with different names, sometimes a team name is long, and if i write first part it doesnt show up, but with second part it does.
Anyways my results are horrible so far, lets see if it changes. I lowered the hours from 12 to 6 hours.

I wanted to check on the markets that I am using which are the most profitable but right now I am getting this so it will have to wait:

Anyway from memory I can tell you that most profitable market I have is definitely win on tennis. And the market that was so unprofitable that I removed it completely was O.U. I seemed to constantly lose money on that one.

I also keep getting a mix of different errors. Such as that:

Here not only I have the wrong odds shown but the website is showing the event twice.


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