results from firts week using vb

hello everyone, joined 10 days ago, and these are my reports, these are my settings
bankroll £1500
stake size 30%
max stake 1%
odds: 1.5 to 3 ,
value: 2%+
hide bets starting after 12 hours
hide bets older than 60 min
uk bookies (no bet365 unfortunately)

after 225 bets loss is -192.75

i know that it’s just the beginning but I’m a bit worried, do you have any advice?
should i trust the ev and carry on?

I’ve recently had a downswing that carried on for almost 700 bets. I went from following EV to way below EV. It’s though to keep the discipline at those times. Fast forward another 800 bets and I was back at EV.

So, 225 bets is not much. Keep on betting!

415 bets so far, and i’m finally in profit (just +13.28) but i have touched a terrific -300 but kept betting, i’m relieved and i’ll hope it will be better now