Results in Bet Tracker wrong

Hey there,
I was tracking my progress in Bet Tracker, happy to see my €150 loss go to a €100 win, when I noticed that my actual bankroll is not improving as the numbers suggest - in fact, I am still in minus. I realized that many bets in Bet Tracker actually show a wrong result. I went through the last 100 bets in tracker and found at least 10 that were calculated as win but were in fact a loss. Did anyone else notice this?

here some screenshots for proof and investigation of one example. The first one is from BIA where you can see I lost €14. The second one is from RB, which counted it as a win.

Hopefully thats a temporarily issue, cause accurate BetTracker is currently one of the major things making me wanna buy a subscription. I just signed up for a trial today and will report here if i notice the same issues.

Thanks Jakob for your feedback.

You might be right, but I have two concerns;

RB usually states “overtime included”, it does not in this case. It states nothing, which is why I assumed it’s regular time

The odds matched perfectly - would be strange if they are the same for including/excluding overtime.

I went back the last 200 bets, double checked and fixed what was wrong. Now the numbers match up perfectly.
This would go back to the very moment I switched to the Pro version. Maybe something was introduced then?

Your bet was regular time, while Vb was overtime included

No it wasn’t. 0.5 handicaps with overtime included do not exist in hockey.

Interesting theory, Jakob. Thanks for the input.

Looking forward to hear from RB!

I hope that find does not negatively impact the prospect of the algorithm.

It is not the only problem with the track logger atm.
I am alerting the devs that sometimes the value bet says an odd for a WIN that is, in fact, a DNB (AH 0.0).
So, if the team draws, the tracker will log as a LOST BET…I hope they fix this, cause I saw it just now.
I am not doing anymore bets when I get this problem.

I can say that all the bets that were wrong since my last post were actually hockey bets. So I do agree that this might have something to do with full time vs. regular time.

I think that in fact the bet recommendation is wrong. I guess they get the full time odds from Betfair and mistakenly compare it to regular time odds, which then are higher and seem to have value.

I am deactivating hockey for the moment.