Results on SvenskaSpel

Hi guys,

I’ll write this in English even though it’s only (I guess) for the Swedish bettors.

What are your results on SvenskaSpel value betting? Since they don’t limit in the same way it could be worth giving a try even though there won’t be as many bets available as Bet365 for example. Please post a screenshot of your bets on SvenskaSpel, it would be really appreciated!

Svenska spel är ganska kefft, inte mycket bets där. Rekommenderar Bet365, Betinia, Unibet, Leo Vegas, Casumo och atg.

Resultat på en specifik bookie spelar ingen roll. Det ända du ska bry dig om är volymen bets du lägger.

Jag har under de gångarna dagarna blivit begränsad i hur mycket jag kan satsa (500-600kr klassen) på SS. Någon annan som känner igen sig? :grimacing:

I have started to bet again with SvenskaSpel. Since they started to have Kambi as odds provider many more bets show up. It will be interesting to see when, how and to what extent the limitation will be imposed

I have been betting with them now for about a month. Good number of bets with good value so far. Not limited yet but at the same time the bets that I am placing are around 50 to 250 SEK. Volume of bets (with my settings) are about 30- to 40% compared to B365.

Good stuff! how many bets would you say per day or week? do you also see an increase for sure betting as well?

Mvh, P

Have not tried the sure betting.
My last 30 days though looks like this (note that the B365 account is limited so only small bets there).

Good yield but too few bets to draw a conclusion.