results since signup!

I had really great profit during my trial period but since I signed up to a pro account my results initially flatlined and then have taken a nose dive in the past few days.

I can’t help but think that along with variance it may have something to do with filter changes as my filters from the trial didn’t carry through. I did read somewhere on these forums that having bets too far out from the match start time may effect results but there is no reporting to support this. Is there a way we can download a CSV of our individual bets for analysis?

Are there any other recommendations fellow users would suggest?


Hey there !

I think posting your current set of filter can help identifying is there is any particular flaw in your methodology. Would also be interesting to have an idea on the type of league you are betting on (lot of secondary leagues or mainly first divisions/second division of big countries).

Regarding the delay between bet and actual start, it just exposes you to more movement of the odds. That is because between your bets and the actual start there is more room for new info to come in the market. Especially if you bet on secondary markets (2nd division, etc), you then expose yourself to more volatile odds movements and more space for these movements to occur. This may translate in more variance or even losses if those movements occur too often in the wrong direction.

With the current deepdive capability of the software, what I would do is to check sports that have been hurting your profitability (especially if the sample is over 500 bets for those sports). For those sports you check the last 20-30 events on which you placed a bet. You do that manually by comparing odds at placement vs final odds (there is plenty of free website reporting the final odds - I am not sure if I can provide a link regarding this forum policy) → it can give a first hint to check if you are beating the closing line most of the time or not. Until now, RebelBetting has been beating the closing line most of the time every time I did a sanity check, but that’s my just personal experience.

Thanks BetNinja!

Here are my current filters, which I believe mirror what I had during the trial. When I went pro I did push the time out to allow up to 300 hours before game time. I’m mostly using Bet365 as the only other bookie in Australia that produces any volume I’m restriced with.

I’ve never had unders and overs but I recently got rid of basketball bets because they were super unprofitable with -15% yield although that’s on a small sample size.

Checking out the closing odds is a great suggestion. I’ll deep dive into that and post my findings. :slight_smile:

Indeed 300 hours seems like a bit too wide ^^
Basketball would be a good case to check manually closing odds. Had exactly the same with AMfootball (negative results after around 50 bets). Thus I ticked it off at some point. But then I made a quick deepdive on the last 20 and it proved to beat the closing line. Put it back in and it’s now bringing money! If ever this can help, I personally had good results on over under in basketball (mostly on bwin).

Good luck!

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