Results & Tips after 2 years (+27k€)

My results after 2 years +27K€

As I have never wrote here, now I’ve taken the time

For my settings: I use 30% kelly, 4% max stake. I DON’T FOLLOW THE STAKE SIZE VALUEBETTING SAYS and I think that is why I can keep my accounts up and running. On weekends I use 8-12h (So you can roll your bankroll over multiple times) On. weekdays 20-30hours.

For the most profitable account I made 10k profit and least was 400€. The most profitable was my friends who is a proper gambling addict. He didn’t use bet365 ever tho so I think the can pull data from other bookies also???

My girls account got limited after a week and made just 400. She has never played a day in her life.

For new accounts I deposit 1000€ (Never take the signup bonus as I’ve realised they’ll just limit you quicker. I use flat stakes of 40€-60€. Why? I know that mathematicly I can make more profit by placing 36€ or 42€ bets but in my experience that’ll make your account limited more faster.

rather lose a bit in EV from staking than lose your accounts.

I also don’t bet esports on b365. Baseball, Basketball, Tennis and Football only. Also I never bet on Africas leagues (Expect from Morocco and sometimes Tunisia)

I’ve used the same mobile phone and no vpn stuff. One thing that I do is that I don’t accept the cookies when I’m about to sign in on the browser.

If anyone has knowledge on, can you get any legal problems using other peoples accounts or na?

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Oh and my valu is at min 4%, Odds 1.40 - 3.10

Great results! :smiley:

Great results

any experience with sharp?

@renzel24 2 years and 11600 bets. Average of 15 bets per day. What was your initial bankroll?

Great results by the way

@Sempai19 Haven’t used sharps expect Pinnacle a couple times.

@Galileo I started with 1500€. Took a couple breaks during these 2 years and after i started using my own stake sizes I didn’t have patience to change the stake on rebelbetting so I just didn’t log the bets. In reality my profit is +3-4k higher and many more bets.

I fully trust the system and know that it works so I just keep track on my deposits and withdraws. Altought now I’ve been starting to log the bets with it’s recommended stake or 1€ stake just so I can show my relatives etc. the progress

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Good job and congrats. Very aggressive stake sizing and bankroll %.

Keep it up with some updates please!

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