Hello everyone, I"ll post all my updates here in case someone want to give advice. I started on June 1st. So far all it’s good, think I had a lucky start but it’s finishing.

I started winning almost all my bets the first 4 days, but last three days were bad. My settings for this first week were:
Bank 1000 dollars (I just have 300 dollars as a real bank but I put 1000 because the stakes were to low for me)
Kelly 30%
Max stake 5%
Value from 2-10%
Odds range (1.30-3.10)
Match start below 4 hours, but mostly just 1 hour.
Football, Tennis, Esports and very few baseball games!!!

The last games were stressful for me, 1000 dollars as a bank was not a good idea. So I am changing my settings. Almost the same but I will change the odds range (1.5-2.8) Value (2.5-10) Bank $ 300, same match start and no more tennis. Hope to have good results!!!

Well if your settings were 1000$ bankroll with 5% max bet, but your bankroll was only 300$, if you had lost six max bets in a row your bank would have gone to zero. So dont do that. You are lucky that you are on profit.

In your situation i would try to save more money for starting bankroll or maybe use some bonuses and maybe matched betting to increase bankroll. It is hard to get profit after the license cost with that small bankroll.

indeed a 5% max bet size is way to high at every level and certainly if you actually have a 300$ bankroll but give in the settings a 1000$ bankroll. So if the software tells you to place a 3% bet size bet on the 1000$ in reality you are placing 30% off your actual bankroll. As @ipexi says with some bad luck your bankroll can be blown within 10 bets