Retiring from Value/Sure Betting

Hi Guys !
With sadness I wish to say good bye . Its no longer worth my time now that I am restricted /banned from everywhere. Ive made >£9000 gross profit ( ie not including software costs) but over the last 12 months, with Rebel Betting failing to obtain odds from 10Bet ( which was my only remaining ungubbed soft bookie) I simply cannot make enough bets and all I am doing is up and down, but going nowhere- conclusion …a waste of time nowadays in my case.
I have 2 regrets, which I wish to pass on to any newbies as lessons learnt.

  1. Pay attention to “grooming” your Soft bookies before kicking their asses later.
  2. Dont pay Rebel annually upfront because when you end up in my position ( and you WILL , its just a case of WHEN) …Ive paid pro up to DEC 2024 ( by taking up special offers of discounts they periodically offer) and cannot get a penny refund back despite not being able to use their software in a manner they intended, ie "MAKE PROFIT ". I think this is a little unfair as after all…using their software has caused me to get gubbed and banned. Maybe they should put a disclaimer upfront when selling …or at least offer partial refunds for unusable remaining subscriptions.

As I said, heed my 2 learned lessons, and for the Totrashbins/Emolivichs etc super stars that have managed to continually prosper (and help others at the same tie) , I wish them ongoing success.


If there was a way of selling my 12 months PRO subscription, Id let it go for £500.

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I’m also thinking about abandoning Rebel. It’s been a few days since I’ve noticed a difference, especially on bet365, 80% of the bets have changed odds, I’ve had a sudden drop in my balance, the bets arrive late, I’ve already sent a message to support and they say which is “normal”

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Indeed that is the case. 80% of the bets are outdated, if they exist at all in your bet365 market.

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Hi! We are sad to see you go. It’s been a struggle to obtain 10bet odds unfortunately. But we wil keep trying. Anyway, you can always pause your account - or sell it to a friend. So, no need to feel like you have “unused days” left of your subscription.

Thank you for your kind word and I feel sad to see you go. Please pause the subscription. You can pause it for two months at a time (there are some conditions how often you can do it) and see what the future will bring.
All the best.

Ive already used my PAUSE…I hope to sell the years PRO if possible, or end up losing what Ive paid out. Im afraid without Bookies, you cannot place value bets, and mine dont want my business anymore.
I will miss you too, Ive enjoyed your “no nonsense” approach and sense of humour :slight_smile:


what do you mean by grooming?

“Grooming” means preparing an account by placing non-value bets over a period of time to make it look as if you are a normal, losing bettor.

Oh, thanks
For how long would you do this? 1, 2, 3 months…? And what amount.
I have a new account and want to extract the maximum amount.

Some people say the longer the better, but in most situations 4-6 weeks are sufficient.

Bro why don’t you try Betting brokers like BetInAsia, Asia connect or Exchanges like BF,BetDaq, Matchbook etc?

In the uK you can only access 1 broker, I trialled it and managed ZERO matched bets, the odds are ghosts Man. I use Matchbook, but the number of Value bets is as rare as chicken teeth :slight_smile:

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How’s your experience with sharp bookmakers like pinnacle, sbo, ibc or betting exchanges like matchbook?
They don’t limit you for sure, but is it possible to find the value bets on them?

Can I dm you regarding something if it’s okay? It’s about a different value bet service provider so don’t wanna talk about it in public on RB’s platform.

you can dm me…but the issue I have isnt with value betting…it is that I am banned or limited with all soft bookies

I believe I have a solution for that. Although, I’m new in value betting. I can probably help you find valuebets on sharp bookies like sbo and exchanges that don’t ban the winners.

Friends and family are an option?

Not really…I work in Financial Services…if I was caught and possibly fined for fraud -not a good look :slight_smile: and -my operating licence would be revoked.

The only opportunity for me is if RB keep onboarding new Softs …my key one was 10bet …but they reckon they cant get them back.

Thank you for the suggestion.

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That’s a good reason.

At least you took 9k off :+1:

welll, its true that value betting works LONGER TERM, but its achilles heal is that its own success causes account closures at worst and stake limitations at best :frowning: