Return on your time- per hour

Controversial this…I know…
I am finding that Im actually wasting my time, see below:-

Below is a list of PROFIT/…NO. of Value Bets placed/ Profit per bet/Month ( my average stake is £5)…My 1st month—like most people --was my best month. December is running at a loss.

£470.58 877 £0.54 May
£642.87 2489 £0.26 June
£893.00 1899 £0.47 July
£378.85 922 £0.41 Aug
£308.31 1822 £0.17 Sept
£456.54 3066 £0.15 Oct
£30.88 1950 £0.02 nov

I am continuing on the basis of Hobby as opposed to Business venture. Not sure I will be renewing my subscription ( being gubbed to death has caused th emonth on month decline)

Life ain’t truly fair. Even after deducting the subscription cost for 7 months. Your monthly profit is still more than my monthly payment of 7 months for a 9-5 hour job, what an Irony. In your shoes, I will be more than happy. Can’t wait to raise funds so that I can start this value betting of a thing. Betting accounts shouldn’t be much of an issue when I start. With $100 - $150, I can get fully verified accounts of major betting brands.

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Ive got to deduct Subscription costs from my declining profits, and also from my perspective I thought this was gonna be a business. I am sitting at my laptop hours on end for peanuts.

You cannot see value betting as a replacement for a 9-5 job…as Id hoped. You could argue that if my stakes were higher Id be better off, but then the bookies would gub me even more.

My conclusion concurs with a lot of others…make a profit while you can, and then realise its only gonna be short term. Some recommend using friends and family accounts to try and cheat the Bookies…but it does not sit easily with me.

I hope you get profitable yourself at it.


It can replace a job, won’t go further than that, but yes it can replace a job if you REALLY want it to

Head High, keep going it’s gonna pay off.

that s why they have pro version which offers value bets in exchange market. the exchanges don’t gubb u. but u have to bet 50 unit per bet like as the value is not great.

Yo bro,
Whats the max number of bets you recommend putting on bet365 per day? I dont want to do too many and look like a bot

If i have my way i will place 500 bets daily

I avg 300 on sats and sun with around 160 open

hire a VA from to do it for you and turn your profit per hour to infinite meaning to a passive income

I realize it could be a tricky thing to discuss, each situation being specific to the individual and to the part of the world etc., but I would love to hear more about this answer in whatever format you are willing. I’ve long though that VB should be able to replace my other job(s) and while, other than a few long losing streaks, my results have been consistently positive, I’ve never been able to make more of it than a part-time income supplement.

I’m fortunate that most of my work is in front of a computer anyway, so VB can be open in a window and I can switch back and forth to place bets but the only way I see turning it into a full-time income, even a small one, is to up my bankroll to higher five-figures instead of the low to mid four figures where it usually lives. Is that the secret or am I missing something strategic?

To replace a full time job you clearly need to replace your Salary. A quick and dirty Google tells me that the average US Salary is $75k ( I have no idea if that is realistic). That equates to $6250/mo. Assuming 4% yield you’d need to turnover $156,250/mo to acheive this. If we assumed an average stake size of $100 dollars you’d need 1563 bets/mo.
If you have a solid supply of accounts and a bankroll to support roughly 52 bets per day it’s possible.
Others may be in a more favourable position where cost of living is a lot less and in the UK we don’t pay tax on gambling winnings so it’s easier to make a living from value betting here.
Other things to consider would be work related benefits like medical insurance that we don’t have to worry about.

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