Review rebelbetting from a honest trading site

The bets that the value betting software flags up were often in very obscure leagues and markets, which would be easy for bookmakers to spot and limit your accounts

I am not at all convinced on what triggers a limitation. How do you know that “” are honest? Do you know if they have affiliate payments on some of the software/sites that they recommend?

I am betting on EVERYTHING that VB suggests on B3t365. Almost 3 months later I am at more than +8000€ profit with them.

that is great keep continue

but i am member on 2 valuebetting sites here and tradematesports… that helps a lot to have a good filter by the way

i only saw the GP review … but i bet only all handicaps on sbo ,the rest the better leagues

this video also helped for RB Users


I have seen Alecia’s videos. IMHO she puts down very few bets. Three months and less than 1000 bets…
Additionally the information she shares about how not to get limited is just “more of the same” from most sites, just copying, repeating the same old story. That includes Rebelbetting.
I have been limited on quite a few of the other soft bookies. In one instance, on Bethard, after measly two bets just when I started out. I am from Sweden and here most of the soft-books have either SBTech or Kambie as their odds-providers. B365 have their own odds. If you do surebetting (arb) and the two books (they do not always update their odds at the same time) that you place the odds with are from the same provider… then you will get banned pretty quick… I do not know the solution on how to avoid getting limited but most likely neither does most websites that claim to know.
It must be soooo easy for a bookie to decide if they should limit you. You can even pull out the report yourself most of the time “What is the net deposit over the last six months and what is the net profit over the last six months?” Why would they care if you got the profit from only soccer matches on the premium league (good luck btw to find VB on those) or only Tennis grand slam matches? The question is why do they do it on some accounts and not others?
If someone actually knows the please share.
Good luck betting (well with VB it is not luck anymore)!

hey there
i only got limited on marathon ans betsafe
i am living in brazil…rebelbetting i bet most of the time SBO
and soft bookies bentsson and sportlife for all leagues soccer
bwin basket
and bet 365/888/nordic /bet 10/unibet i bet for soccer the bigger leagues and sometimes lower leagues in brazil

Bwin good for basket by the way
SBO bet awesome for soccer handicaps and overs

I am having an experiment right now. Try to round your bet sizes to a denomination of 5, we might trick the bookies to think we are normal bettors. Not sure but I’m doing this right now, really hoping I won’t be limited because I’m only betting on 1xbet