RIP Value Betting.... and My Bankroll

Sorry for the clickbait title. I’ll hang in there. Just coming here to vent. I was optimistic until I got gutted like a squealing pig today. Oh well. Onward

How much do you stake avg?

$10 at first then $20 once my bankroll essentially doubled from free sign-up bonuses and whatnot. The sharp loss in the past week or so is because of this increase… but also, it cuts both ways. If it was a winning streak instead I’d probably be close to even. I just do a flat 1% staking strategy; I don’t bother with Kelly since it’s easier to just know the stake beforehand and quickly place bets.

It’s also worth noting that my average ROI per trade is -6.8%, which is worse than simply flipping a coin. I will also note my average odds are probably around 2.2, which will obviously lead to more variance, but still, this is brutal, especially over 1500 trades. Not sure if this is an industry wide thing, or if I’m just the unluckiest value bettor in the world

This is incredible… currently -300 on the day with another 300 pending… could be a 25% bankroll decimation. So much for zero systematic risk hahahahaha. I fucking love this shit. I’ll keep you guys updated. Might as well get another 600 down and call it a 50% nuke while only betting 1% of my bankroll at a time… should win an award for it. Literally would be retired if I had bet the exact opposite of all the recommended trades today

I have had a pretty awful last six, seven days. The CLV is doing great but my profit took a hit.
Now my profit is at the same level where I was three weeks ago.
This $hit happens!

I use flat stakes also, but don’t worry bro, you’re gonna break even

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Curious here…are you using standard settings and ALL SPORTS /MARKETS?

My graph has gone the other way over the last week to yours…however…WEEK period is irrelevant, I look at MONTH/3 ONTHS before panick sets in


I love clickbait titles! I’m glad you will continue to bet. Note that we offer a profit guarantee as well! :slight_smile:

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Yeah mate I know. I do 3% minimum and 4 hours max since I don’t really have a volume issue. It’s only been 2 months. Just wanted to publicly complain haha. I’ll report back after 2500 trades. This is a good community though, I enjoy seeing everyone’s trials and tribulations. At the end of the day, WAGMI

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Thanks homie. We’re all in it for the long haul anyway. Just needed to vent. Once you get through bad days like that one, you can pretty much stomach anything


My last 30 day. Rip

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